Fifty years in the making.

Capstone Communities is a Reno based homebuilder founded by Mike Branson and Darrin Indart, two homebuilders with over 50+ years of homebuilding and community development experience. Capstone follows a customer centered business approach that focuses on honesty, integrity and the development of relationships. Mike and Darrin manage every aspect of every project, ensuring that a quality product is the end result.

“We are available to address concerns and provide solutions.
We build each home one at a time as if it were our own, using the highest
quality materials and craftsmanship.”

Mike has been building homes literally from the ground up for 35 years, having worked as a Superintendant to Division President. “I’ve always believed if you’re honest and tell people what you expect from their work, they’ll deliver. I expect it of myself. The result will always be a quality home that exceeds buyers’ expectations.”

Darrin has worked in finance and community development for 15 years, leading the effort to create numerous communities both large and small. “Building a home isn’t just about floor plans, lumber and nails. It’s a personal thing. When we hand over those keys, we want to feel like we’ve built something we would be proud to have our own family live in.”

Capstone pursues a “customer first” approach when it plans a community. From the concrete slab to the finishing touches, attention to detail is their primary focus. They bring together the best products and construction practices – delivering a high quality, comfortable home at an affordable price.

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“Community is an important word to us. It’s a larger idea than just building a home. We started Capstone Communities because we look at our projects as just that, a unique part of a community where people are able to pursue the kind of lifestyle they desire. To own a home they’re proud of and one that fills their needs both in quality and cost efficiency. That’s how we pursue every community we build. It’s not just a promise to you, it’s a promise to ourselves. You can hold us to it.”